Boston Brand, aka Deadman - Justice League Dark #6, DC Comics May 20

Life After Death

Implicit in superhero mythology is the notion that life has value. The preservation of life and the struggle to improve its quality is essentially the base motivation behind the actions of all superheroes; perversion or complete opposition to this stance is likewise the basest definition of villainy. Just as in real life, the moral line […]

MM Special 1 banner May 06

Modern Mythologies Special #1 – 100 Articles

Modern Mythologies has hit its latest and, in my opinion, greatest milestone to date – there are now 100 original articles published on this site! Each of the 100 articles takes several hours of research and writing before it is published, and often times an idea takes months to gestate before it is ready to […]

warlord vs deimos banner May 06

Diametrically Opposed: The Warlord / Deimos

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe. Heroes and villains always find unique and interesting ways in which to oppose each other. It’s the reason that the mythology of the DC Universe can support so many different rivalries. But the rivalries that work best are the ones that […]

Platinum attempting to seduce Doc Magnus - DC Comics April 29


When Lois Lane made her debut in Action Comics #1 in 1938, she was considered an incredibly strong female character. Even a cursory read of this first appearance shows a character who neither requires nor seeks the approval of a man; one whose personal integrity and standards are set high because she values herself highly as […]

flash comics 1 April 22

Retro Review: Flash Comics #1 (1940) – “Origin of the Flash”

Retro Review takes a look at influential issues of DC Comics books and measures their artistic integrity against their cultural and symbolic importance to the DC Universe and comic books in general. Flash Comics #1 (1940) – “Origin of the Flash” Written by Gardner Fox Art by Harry Lampert Published: January 1940 (DC Comics) Grade: C+ […]

Gentleman Ghost vs. Hawkman and Hawkgirl - DC Comics April 15

Fight Forever

When superheroes and supervillains clash, their contest is not merely a battle between individuals, it is a battle of philosophy, of action, and most importantly of morality. The characters represent something beyond themselves. Sometimes these representations are structural and fundamental to their characters; for example, Batman and the Joker will always represent order and chaos, […]

Lex Luthor fights Superman, as always - Action Comics #900, DC Comics April 09

The Easy Road

There was a time when the rivalry between Lex Luthor and Superman – arguably one of the greatest rivalries in the history of modern literature – boiled down to little more than a hairstyle. Or, more accurately, the lack of one. For a time during the Silver Age of Comics, it was revealed that Lex […]


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