chronos vs the atom1 April 23

Diametrically Opposed: The Atom / Chronos

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe. Ivy Town, Connecticut does not have the reputation of some of the more famous cities in the DC Universe. It does not suffer the crime of Gotham City, the poverty of Blüdhaven, or the corruption of Hub City. Nor does it […]

Zatanna's mindwipe of Doctor Light - JLA #115 April 16

Cost & Consequence

Consequence is a heavily recurrent theme in superhero comics. The simple explanation for this is that consequence is something that we must deal with every day in the real world. It is the relationship between cause and effect: each action produces a particular outcome, each decision alters the game-state in a particular way. Consequence is at the heart […]

Bwana_Beast.jpg April 09

Unnatural Selection

Humans share a deep connection and kinship to the animal kingdom. Beyond the obvious fact that we are part of the same tree of life as everything else on the planet, there seems to be a deep set fascination with animals that is woven into our cultural history. In the ancient Chinese martial art of […]

Superman being exposed to kryptonite - The Adventures of Superman #479, DC Comics April 02

Infirmitas Ex Machina

So much of the mythology of superheroes revolves around their strengths. Be it actual strength, speed, intelligence, or any one of a number of fantastic and impossible abilities, the primary focus for readers of these stories tends to be on what the characters can do. This should hardly come as a surprise; after all, it […]

Aquaman vs. Black Manta - Aquaman #10, DC Comics March 26

Diametrically Opposed: Aquaman / Black Manta

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe. Aquaman first debuted in 1941, only three years after Superman, placing him near the genesis point of the DC Universe. He has enjoyed a long history across many team and anthology titles as well as seven volumes of solo runs over […]

Granny Goodness raging over Scott Free, aka Mister Miracle - DC Comics March 19

Corruption of the Innocent

Of all the forces that guide and shape who we are and who we grow up to be, the most significant is that of our parents. They are of course important in the very literal sense that without them each of us could not exist, but their influence obviously extends beyond the composition of our […]

Rex Tyler, the original Hourman - DC Comics March 12

The Darkest Hour

Addiction is a theme which is common throughout various mythologies. From the Lotus Eaters of the Odyssey to the use of the palantir in Lord of the Rings, addiction appears in mythologies throughout the ages. And as our understanding of biochemistry and psychology expands – not to mention the increasing prevalence of substance abuse – so too does […]


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