Swamp Thing vs Anton Arcane - Swamp Thing #10, DC Comics August 27

Diametrically Opposed: Swamp Thing / Anton Arcane

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe. The DC Universe is full of deities of all descriptions. From the Greek pantheon to Rama Kushna to the God of the Abrahamic faiths, the mythology is populated by numerous gods and avatars, each of whom occupies a specific place in […]

MM Annual 1 August 20

Modern Mythologies Annual #1

It’s hard to believe that Modern Mythologies is already one year old! Since our debut last August, we’ve shared 60 articles about the characters and storylines that comprise the mythology of DC Comics. Our essays and reviews have been read over 60 000 times in more than 120 countries all over the world, and we’ve been fortunate […]

The first appearance of Green Arrow and Speedy - More Fun Comics #73, DC Comics August 13

Retro Review: More Fun Comics #73 (1941) – “The Case of the Namesake Murders”

Retro Review takes a look at influential issues of DC comic books and measures their artistic integrity against their cultural and symbolic importance to the DC Universe and comic books in general. More Fun Comics #73 (1941) – “The Case of the Namesake Murders” Written by Mort Weisinger Art by George Papp Published: November 1941 […]

coagula banner August 06

Fluid Identity

Identity is a key theme throughout superhero mythology. From the secret identity to the moral identity, every hero struggles in their own way to define their place in the world. And though in every character’s mythology there is an element of this struggle, there is one in particular that frames identity as a journey rather […]

Brainiac 5 with the remains of his Supergirl robot - Superboy #204, DC Comics July 30

A Fine Line

It has been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. This should come as little surprise; after all, a defining characteristic of genius is the creative or innovative application of knowledge. Or, more aptly, it is the ability to perceive the world so differently that the existing knowledge of the world […]

The Joker attacks in the Bat-Cave - Batman #17, DC Comics July 23

Diametrically Opposed: Batman / The Joker

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe. Batman first appeared in 1939 in the pages of Detective Comics #27, and since that time has consistently been one of the most popular, most read, and most iconic superheroes in all of comics. And though he is a complex and dynamic […]

Val-Zod, the new Superman of Earth 2 - Earth 2 #25, DC Comics July 16

The True Last Son of the House of El

Something is wrong with Superman. In fact, something has been wrong with Superman for twenty years. The Man of Steel is one of the DC Universe’s first and greatest heroes, using his array of numerous and extremely powerful abilities to defend his adopted homeworld from all manner of threats. But beyond his immense power, Superman’s strength resides […]


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