Kyle Rayner finds his girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, murdered - Green Lantern #54, DC Comics November 26

Women in Refrigerators

Those engaged with the comic book industry are no doubt at least passingly familiar with the phrase “women in refrigerators”. The term, first coined in 1999 by comic creator Gail Simone, refers to a list of female comic book characters who had been maimed, de-powered, killed, or otherwise harmed. The list was meant to draw attention to […]

Doctor Psycho - Manhunter #3, DC Comics May 07

Engendered Hate

Wonder Woman debuted in All-Star Comics #8 in 1941, making her one of the oldest and most enduring superheroes in the DC Universe. Much of her contemporary mythology, however, was the product of revisions made to the character’s mythos over time, including Robert Kanigher’s Silver Age takeover, a heavily revised reboot following Crisis on Infinite Earths, and further […]

The Crime Syndicate as they appear in the New 52, from left to right: Owlman, Johnny Quick, Deathstorm, Power Ring, Ultraman, and Superwoman - Justice League #23, DC Comics November 19

The Moral Arcs of Histories

One of the fundamental elements of DC Comics’ vast mythology is the idea of the Multiverse. Originally introduced in 1961 as a means of reconciling character discrepancies between the Golden and Silver Ages of Comics, the Multiverse concept has grown to be a structural component of DC’s mythos. In principle, the Multiverse is composed of […]

cheshire banner November 12


There is an interesting linguistic juxtaposition surrounding the word “belladonna”. In Italian, the world very literally means “beautiful woman”. In English, however, it refers to an extremely powerful poison. The comment most commonly made about this disparity of meaning is that it is incredibly telling about the two cultures, but a perhaps underused observation is […]

who is the question November 05

Retro Review: Blue Beetle #1 (1967) – “Who is the Question?”

Retro Review takes a look at influential issues of DC Comic books and measures their artistic integrity against their cultural and symbolic importance to the DC Universe and comic books in general. Blue Beetle #1 (1967) – “Who is the Question?” Written by Steve Ditko Art by Steve Ditko Published: June 1967 (Charlton Comics) Grade: […]

Flash vs Captain Cold - Flash #6, DC Comics October 29

Diametrically Opposed: The Flash / Captain Cold

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe. The Scarlet Speedster. The Fastest Man Alive. Otherwise known as the Flash, the hero who ushered in the Silver Age of Comics. Over his long history since that time, he has faced off against countless supervillains, though his most famous nemesis […]

vandal savage banner October 22

There is No Limit to Savagery

What is the true limit of human potential? This question is both exceedingly vague and nearly impossible to answer. The measure of potential in itself is an abstract concept and so one would first have to define exactly which human potential is to be measured? Certain physical characteristics – height, weight, strength, stamina, etc. – […]

Animal Man and his family: Maxine, Ellen, and Cliff - Animal Man #12, DC Comics October 15

Parental Instinct

Traditionally, superheroes are seen as solitary beings. Many manage to live their double lives, surrounding their civilian alter egos with all that is necessary in order to keep their true identity secret: friends, lovers, co-workers all form a part of the civilian mask, but in reality are little more than trappings. They are artificial relationships, often […]


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