Martian Manhunter confronts Despero - Justice League #20, DC Comics July 29

Diametrically Opposed: Martian Manhunter / Despero

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe. Being a founding member of the Justice League has made the Martian Manhunter an important figure in the mythology of the DC Universe, but despite his relative popularity and importance, his personal rogues gallery is not especially deep or well-defined. But […]

Black Alice banner July 15

The Danger of Inexperience

Throughout the DC Universe, there are several prominent mythologies that address the notion that superpowers are not the be all and end all of what makes a superhero. The obvious examples are non-powered heroes such as Batman and Green Arrow, who are among the most proficient and effective heroes without possessing a single superpower. Others, […]

aztek banner July 08

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Are we in control of our own destiny? This is a common question posed by many genres of literature, but it has a special place in superhero comics. Sometimes, it is as simple a construct as the notion that possessing superhuman abilities thrusts one into fate’s spotlight – a sort of artificial destiny in which […]

Golden Age Vigilante banner July 01

Diametrically Opposed: Golden Age Vigilante / The Dummy

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe. In the grand mythologies of superhero comics it is easy to get caught up in the larger than life – the powers and the genius, the dastardly plots and the desperate victories. But at their heart, these mythologies still need to […]

The Cat, revealed - Batman #1, DC Comics June 24

Retro Review: Batman #1 (1940) – “The Cat”

Retro Review takes a look at influential issues of DC Comics books and measures their artistic integrity against their cultural and symbolic importance to the DC Universe and comic books in general. Batman #1 (1940) – “The Cat” Written by Bill Finger Art by Bob Kane Inks & Letters by Jerry Robinson Published: June 1940 […]

We are Ultra Comics - The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1, DC Comics June 17

We Are Ultra Comics

One of the key elements of the mythology of the DC Universe is the fact that it is, in fact, a Multiverse. Originally, the concept of the Multiverse was introduced to account for continuity discrepancies between the Golden Age and Silver Age of Comics. Most notably, characters like the Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman and […]

metamorpho banner June 10

The Curse of the Superhero

The mythology of the DC Universe is built on dualities: good and evil, right and wrong. But when it comes to superpowers, the duality between them being a gift or a curse is much better explored by Marvel Comics; from the X-Men to Daredevil and beyond, Marvel Comics stories often explore the idea that for […]


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